Gold'en Rant : Microsoft has lost the plot with Internet Explorer

So far I've resisted installing the beta test version of Internet Explorer 8.0, mainly because I've really been getting into Firefox this past month or so. It's the plug-ins that really make this browser fly.

So I was amused to read about Internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee slagging off Internet Explorer not supporting SVG (scalable vector graphics), a specification for resizing images found on Web pages.

Instead of supporting SVG, it seems that Internet Explorer supports an Adobe plug-in, even though Adobe will discontinue its support for the plug-in at the end of this year.

Berners-Lee, understandably, reckons that Microsoft is falling behind the rest of the browser clan in terms of keeping up with latest evolutions.

"If you look around at browsers, you'll find that most of them support scalable vector graphics," said Berners-Lee. "I'll let you figure out which one has been slow in supporting SVG."

I heartily agree. Not only is Microsoft losing the browser wars against the like of Mozilla and others, but it's clear that its development team has lost the plot with Internet Explorer 8.0.

Yes, yes, I know it's a beta, but that's not the point. Bill Gates a lot to answer for...