Netbooks - what a crock

Nipped down to PC World last weekend to get myself an Advent 4211 netbook for 280 beer tokens. Took it back last night, as the battery life was utterly rubbish and, quite frankly, apart from being able to access the Net on the move, the keyboard was too small and the processor seriously under-powered.

Under two hours battery life is awful. Compared to my slightly larger Dell XPS 1330 with between five and seven hours battery life (under MS-Vista, unfortunately).

It's gratifying to see I'm not alone, as there's a report on the Reuters newswire today, noting that, without fast Internet connections WiFi or 3G) the new crop of netbooks are little more than a glorified electronic doodle pad.

"But like a rowboat in your backyard or a flat-screen TV in a lackout, most of these new PCs suffer when removed from a critical lement. Specifically -- hen outside of high-speed Internet access range, they go from power-in-your-pocket to pricey-digital cratchpads," said the newswire.

That about sums the netbooks up. If they come down to around 100 quid they might be worth buying, but in the meantime, forget it...