Thieves Break Into BT Exchange In Mayfair, Snatch GBP 2 million Worth Of Equipment

Thousands of Londoners suffered an Internet blackout yesterday, due to a burglary at BT exchange in Mayfair on Wednesday night.

Thieves broke into the Exchange on Farm Street, some time between 8 pm and 9 pm. They ransacked telecommunication equipment that included - servers, routers, and network cards – worth at least GBP2 million.

Reports suggest that disruption could continue for the next few days.

Authorities haven’t confirmed whether there is any connection between this theft and any previous raids. However, Exchange robberies seem to have surged recently, the other most notable case was in July, where thieves burgled the Cable and Wireless Datacentre in Watford.

BT has apologised for the inconvenience caused due to the incident and stated that the engineers are trying their best to restore everything to a normal state as early as possible.