UK Broadband Too Slow For Web Based Applications Says Research

UK broadband performance is too poor even to figure amongst the top world's 10 countries for broadband performance, according to a survey carried out by Oxford University's Said Business School in conjunction with the University of Oviedo in Spain.

The Cisco-backed research compiled data collected by popular online speed monitoring website from a whopping 8 million measurements carried out by individual broadband users.

Japan, Sweden and the Netherlands lead the pack of the countries with the best broadband worldwide although there were some surprises with Latvia, Slovenia and Lithuania making it in the top 10.

The team behind the report concluded that UK, along with Spain and Italy, could be missing on promises of web applications such as video on demand, web-based applications.

Japan - where the average broadband speed stands at more than 16mbps - was singled out as the only country that scored more than 75 on the survey's benchmark, which is the compilation of upload/download speeds and latency figures.

The survey did not take into account broadband penetration or the cost of the line - both on which Britain fares quite well - but it does highlight how the current UK network is unprepared to cope with the expected surge in bandwidth demand in the next decade.