Asus Zest Smartphone Promises To Beat Apple's iPhone... Yet Again

Taiwanese Computer giant Asus is preparing a cute little smartphone called the Zest (or Glaxy 7 or Crystal) which should be competing both with Samsung's Omnia and the Apple iPhone.

The smartphone, which comes with a front camera, has Blackberry-like trackball pointing device together with Windows Mobile 6 OS underneath and a huge, accelerometer-enabled, 3.5-inch touchscreen capable of displaying 800x480 pixels.

Other features - that have yet to be confirmed, remember - include HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 5-megapixel digital camera (alas, without Flash!), up to 4GB of internal memory and expansion via MicroSD card.

Now, Asus produces smartphones for other well known tech companies apparently and the firm is a well established OEM for Apple.

So should you feel threatened when your supplier start competing with you? Not if you are Apple, but Samsung or LG

The phone, which has yet to be officially announced and slapped with an official price, is due to appear in November 2008 apparently.