Google Snaps Up South Korean Blogging Software Company TNC

In a bid to expand its influence in Asian market, Google has acquired a blogging software firm from South Korea, Tatter and Company (TNC), for some undisclosed amount.

The news was confirmed by TNC’s co-chief executive Chang-Won Kim’s blog post named, “We’ve been Googled!”, mentioning that the acquisition would help the search engine giant in enhancing its market share in the country, as Google’s share in South Korea is small and most web users mainly use other portals like Yahoo Inc., Kim added.

Google already owns a blogging platform, named “Bloggers”, but it attracts only a small proportion of South Korean users; further, South Korea ranks at the ninth spot in terms of the number of internet users and for many of them blogging is their favourite spare time activity.

Kim also stated that Google’s backing would help the company in extending the reach of its blogging platform, ‘Textcube’, outside Korea.

Further, the move would also help Google in exploring new channels, except for its omnipresent search engine, for distributing its advertisements across the web.

It will be interesting to see whether Google integrates TNC with its existing Blogger platform.