HP Looking To Launch Its Own Version Of Linux OS

Windows Vista could have well been the Microsoft product that pushed mainstream computer manufacturers into the arms of the Open Source movement with the Linux OS being tipped as the replacement for the beleaguered Operating System.

Businessweek cited anonymous sources at HP, the biggest PC manufacturer in the world, saying that they are exploring the possibility of building a mass-market operating system - that could possibly go head to head against Windows family of OS.

The launch would be part of a plant to reduce the manufacturers' dependence on Windows operating systems and incidentally cut the costs associated with buying Microsoft licenses although, this stays for now, a rumour, with HP's own Personal Systems Group CTO , Phil McKinney telling BusinessWeek: "Is HP funding a huge R&D team to go off and create an operating system? (That) makes no sense."

According to the weekly business magazine, HP is worried about the growing popularity of Apple, a rival that has control both on the operating system (and the surrounding ecosystem) and the hardware platform.

Microsoft has launched a USD 300 million advertising campaign to try and revive the fortunes of its Windows Vista OS.

IBM, Dell and others have also tried to flog non-Windows operating system with relative success but the mere fact that HP is now considering this option should send a strong and clear signal to the Redmond company; get your stable in order ASAP.