Rumour Mill : The Post Office To Launch Mobile Phone Network

It was only a matter of time before the Post Office launched its mobile phone network; after all, all major supermarkets and even Ikea have their mobile phone networks thanks to a clever scheme which allows them to resell these services (that's called Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

Now, the Guardian says that the Post office is now considering adding another card (and incidentally becoming a fully fledged triple play actor) to its game and offering mobile phone services to its 500,000 or so broadband and phone customers, to help it bag it one-millionth broadband customer by 2011.

It is almost a given that the service offered will be a bog-standard PAYG one which doesn't carry any financial penalties for missed payments and allows the customer to monitor their expenses.

The Post Office telecoms offer has been quite popular with the lower income, cash-strapped homeowners and allows customers to pay for their services over the counter rather than through a direct debit.

In a bid to increase its marketshare, the post office shaved £1 off its normal broadband service and offered free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines as well as free weekend calls to UK, US and Canada as well as free Weekend calls to 20 international destinations.

There are also rumours that the Post Office could possibly start bundling computers with their broadband services in a bid to reach out for the millions who have neither a computer nor an internet line.