Samsung Launches £800 R610 Bluray-capable Laptop But Loses Out To Acer

It ain't cheap but it surely is entry-level price for a Blu-ray laptop; the Samsung R610 will be offered for sale at £799 from next month and is a rather intriguing laptop.

For a start, it comes with a 16-inch screen rather than a standard 17-inch model, with a 16:9 widescreen format; aside from that, the R610 has an Intel Centrino 2 processor, Windows Vista Home premium, up to 4GB worth of memory and a huge 320GB hard disk drive.

Unfortunately, there's some cost cutting as the laptop only has two tiny 2W speakers, a Geforce 9200M entry level graphics module and apparently, no Firewire ports.

Aside from these, you will still get four USB ports, a card reader, Bluetooth, a webcam as well as HDMI/VGA port plus some special anti-bacterial power that has been sprinkled on the laptop's keyboard to keep it clean (ed: Isn't this what they use to combat MRSA?)

The problem though is that the R610 faces some pretty tough competition from the likes of Dell.

Over at PCWorld, Acer for example is selling a Bluray-enabled laptop for £600 that comes with a bigger screen and a better video card.