Terrorists really are using Skype to escape eavesdropping

We all know that it's now possible to by-pass the security agencies by using encrypted VOIP technology instead of conventional circuit-switched PSTN telephony calls, but an article in the Daily Mail over the weekend confirmed the fact that the Taliban terrorists are using Skype to escape the interest of MI6 and other government agencies.

According to the paper, the scumbag Taliban terrorists - sorry, freedom fighters - in Afghanistan are using Skype to escape eavesdropping and plot how to target British troops.

The big question, of course, is how Skype can stop this. Simple - move to compressed data on their system.

Compressed Skype calls make life a lot easier for pattern recognition software to detect key words in the digital data stream, simply because the $trings of data are shorter.

There's been a few reports on the subject over the last few years, but Skype has avoided making any comment for fear of upsetting its users.

Now that the issue is coming into the open, however, I strongly suspect Skype won't have much choice.

Unless, of course, it wants to see ISPs in dodgy areas of the world like Afghanistan block the use of Skype on their Internet connections, so depriving the Net telephony company of valuable call revenue...