Tim Berners Lee Launches World Wide Web Foundating, Calls For Ratings To Be Implemented

Citing the raging contribution of internet in spreading rumours and misleading information, ‘World Wide Web’ inventor Tim Berners-Lee has announced plans for creating a new platform, “World Wide Web Foundation” that would substantially help in minimizing these issues.

Berners-Lee expressed his concerns over maintaining the neutrality of the internet, and pointed out the need for creating a system that offers more objectivity to the content on the web, thereby helping people in making their own decisions in several sensitive issues, such as, politics, religion, science and tech, etc.

“It’s not just where I go to decide where to buy my shoes - it’s where I go to decide who I’m going to trust to vote”, he said; further he described this foundation as “advance a Web which is open and free”.

Scheduled to launch in the first half of the next year, World Wide Web Foundation will aim at promoting several key social values, such as, freedom of speech, democracy, and finally the liberty to the net users to access the required online content.