Creative Releases Cheap External USB Sound Card

In its attempt to take on Asus Xonar U1 USB sound card, Creative has rolled out the Sound Blaster X-Fi Go which boasts of an 1GB USB sound stick card.

The device is equipped with Creative's X-Fi technology and bundles with a 360-degree X-Fi Headphone Surround that promises to offer unmatched audio experience.

In addition the handy memory stick comes preloaded with its installation software along with other drivers that offer direct plug-and-play services to its users.

The mini sound card also has support for OpenAL and EAX Advanced HD 4 that takes gaming closer to audio realism; however, the device has a single stereo output, hence it can only offer virtual surround sound using speakers or headphones.

The built-in VoiceFX technology lets its users to seamlessly morph their voices into the online gaming characters or for chatting; further there more goodies in store in form of bonus software like the Creative Karaoke player and WaveStudio.

The device is expected to cost around GBP40.