Customer service agents – how to make them more efficient and more productive?

When a customer contacts an organisation via any channel such as by telephone, email or letter, the CSA (customer service agent) needs to have instant access to the full history of previous contacts in and out, and information on the current status of any outstanding work. Sounds obvious but how many times is this just not the case?

This inefficiency is damaging as it not only adds to customer frustration, but increases the time and cost associated with handling an enquiry.

If a CSA works with a system that keeps the interface simple then less time is required in training and less brain space is used to hold unproductive information. Also having a single viewer for all document types no prior knowledge or thought has to go into where and how to view the different correspondence.

Why have a CSA darting around a range of desktop applications searching for information? The use of technologies like eProcess/Workflow allows much of the data collection and follow up to be automated before and after the CSA’s step, thus leaving just the task in hand to be accomplished. This same technology allows work to be monitored and controlled.

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