EU To Investigate Impact Of Google/Yahoo Ad Partnership On European Advertising Market

The European Union (EU) has proclaimed that it is ratifying the controversial ad revenue sharing deal between Yahoo and Google, which allows Google to feature its advertising programmes on Yahoo's search engine in North America.

The deal is already being scrutinised in the States, where the companies have put forth their concerns over the adverse impact of the deal on the web.

The declaration comes after the US Department of Justice started its anti-trust investigations of the deal, which purported that the partnership would acquire 80 percent of the online advertising market share.

The spokesperson for European Competition Commissioner, Jonathon Todd stated that EU has decided to start preliminary investigations in mid-July into the potential effects of deal on European Economic Area (EEA).

Both Yahoo and Google have been issued notifications and both the companies are ready to cooperate with the investigation team and have taken the necessary steps for the purpose.