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The First Google Phone Has Landed in Europe : T-Mobile To Sell The HTC Dream in UK

Next Tuesday is apparently the day when the world will witness the first Android phone straight from HTC's factories and Google has showed the final version of the handset at a Google Developer day in London, for the first time on European Soil.

The handset, which looks just like the HTC Dream, was presented to more than 500 developers in Wembley Stadium and a few cool demonstrations like Google Maps for London were performed in front of a conquered crowd.

T-Mobile will also be the first one to get its paws on the Googlephone; T-Mobile has been a close partner with Google having pioneered its Web'n'walk with the search giant back in 2005

And in another report published by the Wall Street Journal, HTC sais that it expects to sell around 700,000 units of the Dream within three months; that's pretty conservative and equates to around 7,000 smartphones sold per day in all the territories where T-Mobile operates.

But that's 50 percent more than what industry analysts had previously forecasted earlier and although the development of the first Googlephone has not been a smooth run, one can expect that T-mobile's partnership with Google could produce a rather spectacular web-browsing solution.

The HTC Dream should be followed by a number of other Android-based smartphones but hopefully, they will not all be based on the same mould as the Dream.

The success of Android based solutions is also going to depend on whether mobile network operators provide with unlimited internet packages to provide data to the web-enabled Google Phone.

Until now, only Three, T-Mobile and O2 have been outright partisans of unlimited Mobile Internet Browsing.