How Mind mapping Helps help Dyslexics develop their Project Management Skills

Employers are required to understand employees with Dyslexia – what is the practical approach?

Dyslexia is covered by the Disability Discrimination Act which requires organisations to have a Disability Equality Scheme in place. This means that employers are required to identify dyslexia and modify their procedures accordingly.

A visual memory technique which is widely used for business planning and project management as well as in academia is also helping dyslexics write and achieve high marks at school and university.

Mind mapping is a graphical thought organisation technique that helps memory and note-taking from lectures as well as stimulating creative thought.

The beauty for dyslexics is that it can consist solely of images and according to Philip Chambers, accelerated-learning trainer at Learning Technologies, mind maps used more of the brain's resources. Traditional learning such as taking notes uses very few of the brain's resources, but mind maps encompass all the skills, combining logic, words, colour and pictures.

With the emergence of mind mapping software dyslexics can now operate on a level playing field with colleagues to work smarter, communicate better and be more inclusive on projects.

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