Linkedin Launches Its Own Advertising Network, Tries To Tap Lucrative Userbase

Professional social networking website LinkedIn has launched an advertising network that will facilitate its partner publishers to reach its huge chunk of members across the net.

The website has created the “LinkedIn Audience Network” in collaboration with the ad network ‘Collective Media’, which allows the advertisers to target its members based on the information collected from their profiles on the website.

The site classifies its 27 million members into various categories, called “InCrowds”, and the advertisers would have the flexibility to target any of these categories or create their own list.

The LinkedIn users will be labelled through cookies on their PCs that identify them when they visit the partner websites; moreover, the company stated that the network would comprise hundreds of partner websites in the network and it will charge a considerable USD30 to USD76.50 for a thousand views for a display advert.

LinkedIn’s director of ad sales, Steve Patrizi said in a statement, “The LinkedIn Audience Network offers advertisers one of the most accurate audience data sets available on the Web”.