Unisys and NEC Partner To Produce Intel-based Xeon High-End Servers

NEC and Unisys today announced that they have completed development of the first generation of a common platform for both companies' enterprise servers in a bid to cut development time and associated costs.

NEC has begun manufacturing systems based on this common platform, and each company will market the systems as part of its own branded server line.

The common platform is the result of an alliance agreement the two companies signed in 2006. The alliance aims to provide industry-leading systems that leverage both companies' expertise in enterprise server products and enable them to reduce research and development costs.

"This important collaboration with NEC enables us to provide Unisys clients with increasingly powerful, scalable, resource-efficient and cost-effective enterprise servers," said Rich Marcello, president, Unisys Systems and Technology.

Systems based on the common platform employ the latest Intel Xeon Processors. These enterprise servers can scale up to 16 sockets and 96 processor cores, and support up to 1 terabyte (TB) of memory.

The systems are targeted for high-end enterprise computing tasks such as database-intensive activities (online transaction processing and business intelligence), enterprise requirements planning (ERP) and server consolidation using virtualization technologies.