West Midlands Police Scrambles To Find Lost Memory Stick Containing Terror Data

The loss of a 4GB Black USB Drive apparently containing sensitive information about terror suspects and terror cells is the latest data-related embarrassment to hit UK's police force.

The storage device was lost by an officer working at the Castle Vale Police Station in Birmingham who took it out for unknown reasons, only for it to disappear when he was called on the site of a car crash.

A spokesperson confirmed that the West Midlands police had an ongoing investigation to find out the circumstances behind the loss of the memory stick and have already raided the house of a possible suspect after receiving a phone tipoff.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has launched a separate independent investigation into the loss of the storage device, which the IPCC commissioner Len Jackson labelled as an "extremely serious matter".

The number of data-related losses has been steadily rising in the past few months with the likes of EDS, NHS Trusts, and governmental bodies regularly losing anything from USB drives, to computers, hard disks and laptops.

As pointed out by Graham Cluley of Sophos, there's no indication as whether the device was encrypted or not.