Amazon To Launch UK Online MP3 Music Download Store Imminently

Amazon is on track to launch its first MP3 music download store outside UK next month after the news were first announced in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper back in June 2008.

The online retailer plans to compete with Apple's iTunes and fierce newcomer 7Digital which has just announced that it will sell its 4 million tracks without any digital rights management.

NMA is reporting that Myspace Music service, which is also powered by Amazon will debut in the UK in the first months of 2009.

Record labels are looking to reduce iTunes' domination of the online music market which, unlike the traditional one, is seeing strong and sustained increases in sales.

Amazon MP3 currently only operates in US and offers 3.3 million DRM-free music tracks, less than Apple but certainly enough for most andthe files are compatible with virtually all MP3 players on the market.

Amazon owns Audible - which it could integrate at some points in the MP3 store - and has recently announced that it would offer free videos on its IMBD website.

And it is only a matter of time before Amazon Unbox - which offers downloadable movies and TV series - gets a release date in the UK as well.