Asus EEE PC Laptop Wins Top Gadget Of 2008 Award, Beats iPhone and Nintendo Wii

A minuscule laptop which was released last November has been voted the top gadget of 2008 in the 2008 Stuff magazine Gadget Awards with the commentators saying that it would mark the beginning of a laptop for everyone era.

The judges also acknowledged that the diminutive laptop had more influence on the world of gadget and computing than any other one in 2008.

Although the price of the EEE PC was under £200 at the time of release, it has since crept up and is now hovering around GBP 250, the same price range as most of its competitors.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone was voted the reader's favourite gadget of the year with Sony reader, the Apple Macbook and Nokia also grabbing a few gongs in between them.

Since the release of the EEE PC, several other manufacturers like Samsung, Dell or Acer have also introduced netbooks, the name given to small, affordable laptops, but their rising prices have brought them closer to existing, traditional, larger laptops which trade off portability for more power, storage and ease of use.