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GBP99.99 Fujitsu Siemens PRIMERGY Econel 100 S2 Dual Core Server

This has to be UK's cheapest Dual core server around and it comes with a full year of Onsite warranty.

Fujitsu's PRIMERGY Econel servers are the best choice when funds are limited but server availability, performance, and uncomplicated operation are important.

They bring server performance at a price rivalling that of a PC (ed: they are actually cheaper than Dell's cheapest PCs)and ensure data security through ECC memory protection and integrated RAID disk mirroring.

With its particularly low noise levels, the PRIMERGY Econel 100 S2 is the perfect system for any office environment.

PRIMERGY Econel "easy change" design principles make it possible for you to install or replace components without technical expertise. And of course, the renowned and dependable PRIMERGY quality is ensured by applying the full set of PRIMERGY testing procedures to the Econel servers.

This particular model comes with a Pentium Dual Core E2160 running at 1.8GHz, 1GB of ECC Ram, 160GB hard disk drive, a DVD rom but no Operating system, keyboard, mouse or other peripherals.

Get it while you can at Insight for a mere £99.99 excluding VAT and delivery.