Google Chrome Browser Steadily Rising In Browser Chart

Google’s recently launched web browser, Chrome is quickly rising up the popularity charts and it has been able to snatch significant market share within two weeks of its launch, an internet measurement firm reported.

According to the reports from Net Applications Inc., the browsing share of Chrome has increased to 0.85 percent from last week’s figure of 0.67 percent among the 40,000 websites that the company monitors.

Chrome is successful in stealing market share from every prominent browser including - Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla’s Firefox, ASA’s Opera and AOL LLC’s Netscape - except Apple’s Safari, which has registered a rise of 0.7 percent increase in browsing share since the launch of Chrome.

Last week Net Applications’ executive VP marketing, Vince Vizzaccaro stated that the Microsoft’s IE was the lone sufferer of the launch of Chrome, but the recent findings showed that Chrome has affected every major browser except Safari.

Vizzaccaro reasoned the increasing share of Safari by saying, “Chrome is not available on Mac OS X yet”, and suggested that the Mac users can only enjoy the benefits of Chrome by using Apple’s Boot Camp dual-boot feature.