Save GBP 90! Get Free Unlimited Free Broadband When You Buy O2 Mobile Broadband

O2 is having a great promotion whereby it is giving a way a 8mbps fixed landline home broadband package when you buy an O2 mobile broadband for £20 which comes with a 3GB bandwidth cap.

Obviously, you still have to pay for the BT line rental and the Home broadband standard package is only free for the first 12 months.

Still, it is a nice way to save £90 annually and O2's broadband ranks amongst some of the best broadband services across the country with no connection fee to be paid.

Their premium package is available for a mere £30 for the first year while you will have to fork £90 to get their ultimate package, which provides you with 16mbps of unadulterated broadband pleasure.

You also get O2's award winning service with free dedicated UK-based support, unlimited downloads, some of the best speeds available, wireless router,

You can find more about the O2 Promotion here.