UK Government Gives Ascent To Polemical Phorm Roll Out

In a controversial move, the UK government has backed the web-trapping service, Phorm, and has asserted that the service is well in line with European Union (EU) data laws.

EU had previously asked for clarification from the UK government about the legality of the tracking system that helps in offering targeted ads to users.

The Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) of UK responded by saying that the service conforms to the prevalent EU laws and any future implementation of the system will be done on the consent of targeted users.

In a statement to EU, the department said, “Users will be able to easily access information on how to change their mind at any point and are free to opt in or out of the scheme.”

The European Information Commissioner Viviane Reding stated that EU is analysing the response from the UK government and is assessing the validity of the system.

The issue came into limelight when British Telecom tested the service without the consent of its subscribers.