VMWare New Toolset To Make Sysadmin Life Easier

VMware is geared up to simplify the process of creating and managing virtual appliances, and the leading software virtualisation company has announced new updates at its ongoing user conference in Las Vegas.

The new updates would offer features that would make it easy for server administrators to install applications, as it provides the virtual appliances with pre-installed virtualisation software.

The company is all set to enhance the adoption of the technology by providing simpler procedures for forming virtual appliances mainly through its free VMware Studio application

In addition, the company has also revamped its virtual appliance certification module and changed its name to ‘VMware Ready Program’.

Virtual appliances include one or more virtual machines that pack preset and preconfigured applications including operating systems.

The concept is gaining wide acceptance as it facilitates users by providing virtual hardware to run their software applications.

Furthermore, these virtual appliances also assist vendors by providing optimal OS for the appliances and hence can reduce the timeframe for application testing and development.