Google Allows Anti-Abortion Groups To Buy Ads For the First Time

Google has modified its advertising policy to allow Christian and other religious groups to place adverts against abortion on its web pages.

The move came after a legal challenge by Christian Institute on the refusal of the search engine for placing their message about abortion on its web pages, saying that the advertising terms didn’t permit to advertise abortion and religion-related content on its websites.

The search results for the word “abortion” will now feature the religious groups opposing abortions, in addition to the information about abortion support groups and clinics.

Mike Judge from the Christian Institute mentioned that until now Google had advertised content from pro-abortion groups only which could well be an issue for free speech and expressed his gratitude to Google’s constructive response to the matter.

Earlier, Google rejected an advert from the institute that featured key views and news on UK abortion laws, in March this year by simply saying that the advert contained “inappropriate content”.

A Google spokesperson stated that the company is revisiting its advertising policy for religious associations for keeping its ad content both fair and updated.