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Hackers Infiltrate Yahoo Mail Box of US Vice President Candidate, Sarah Palin

Alaska's Lipstick bulldog, as she likes to call herself, Sarah Palin has had a nasty surprise to find that someone apparently hacked into her personal email account on Yahoo and published some emails and photos online.

It is thought that the hackers used Yahoo's password recovery system to break into Palin's mail box. was the first to jump on the news and although Palin has yet to say whether the emails were real or not, the apparent hack has been condemned by Rich Davis, Mc Cain's Campaign manager, as a "shocking invasion of the governor's privacy and violation of law".

Speaking of violation of law, Palin herself could be in trouble if she is found guilty of using her private email to conduct public businesses as US federal laws forbids the use of email systems where messages can be deleted.

Emails published on Gawker included family photos and conversations between Palin and some of her colleagues. The email - together with another personal one - has since been shut down and it will be interesting to see whether Palin actually mixing her personal and business email addresses with untold consequences.

The email inbox - - was hacked by a group who gained fame for its online fight against the Church of Scientology , Anonymous and posted five screenshots, 2 photos and an address book to Wikileaks, a controversial website which supports whistle-blowers across all organisations.

However, the fact that Wikileaks has been offline for more than 24 hours could expose a potential political coverup as the company which manages Wikileaks is hosted in Sweden by PRQ, a web-hosting company owned by two guys behind The Pirate Bay.