Law On Websites Promoting Suicide To Be Amended By Government

In a move aimed at curtailing the incidents of suicide deaths that were attributed to the proliferation of suicide websites on the internet, the government has planned to amend the suicide act and make it applicable on the internet.

The initiative comes in the wake of several reported deaths of teenagers who were suspected to be using the internet for planning and discussing ways to kills themselves.

Incidentally many of these deaths were reported from Bridgend in South Wales.

Expressing the view of the government, justice minister Maria Eagle said "Updating the language of the Suicide Act, should help to reassure people that the internet is not a lawless environment”

The concerns regarding usage of internet for promoting suicide were also highlighted in a recent study that found out that people searching for means to kill themselves are more like to encounter sites that aim to encourage them rather than sites that would offer help or counseling.

However there is still confusion amongst some people regarding how the updated law will apply on the internet.