More Data Shambles: Another UK Agency Loses FOUR Laptops With Sensitive Data

Continuing their characteristic sluggishness with IT data handling and management, another UK government agency, Insolvency Service has confirmed the theft of four laptop computers from its Manchester office on 27 August 2008.

One of those four stolen laptops contained detailed information including - names, addresses, date of births and National Insurance numbers of about 486 directors and employees of UK’s 122 bankrupt companies.

Insolvency Service has informed the people affected from the theft and has opened dedicated phone lines to provide any sort of further assistance to them.

Lorna Dennis, spokeswoman of the agency said, “Today the Insolvency Service has written to the companies who have been affected by the theft of the laptop.”

In addition to the infamous loss of details of 25 million beneficiaries of child benefit scheme, the UK’s Ministry of Defense had admitted the loss of a USB stick containing crucial movements and locations of soldiers last month.

This incident has further necessitated the dire need for some stringent security measures by the government departments to minimize the occurrence of essential data losses.