Sky Removes Download Limits On Its Top Broadband Max Offer

In a move aimed at providing “unlimited broadband” Sky has decided to drop the download limits for its 16Mbps broadband service which starts at a mere GBP10.

The decision to drop “fair use policy” for Sky Broadband Max customers can be attributed to Sky’s desire to avoid being labeled as a service provider who caps broadband speeds during peak usage periods.

Incidentally Sky’s “fair use policy” has long been a subject of heated debates on various user forums and this move surely comes across as good news for its subscribers who now can actually download unlimited amounts of data at any time of their choice.

Further this move may lead many online gamers and people who indulge in downloading high volumes of data to change their broadband service.

In a statement the company mentioned that it had invested in creating "a high-capacity network that is designed to carry huge amounts of traffic without congestion"”

Incidentally Sky has received the top honours in six categories in a survey conducted by Broadband Choice including being chosen as the best overall provider.