T-Mobile increases 3G Network Capacity, Anticipates HTC Android Dream Smartphone Success

German Mobile Phone Operator T-Mobile will increase its 3G network capacity by 100 percent at least, in the US to accommodate the expected surge in consumption when the T-Mobile G1 handset is launched next month.

27 major cities across the United States will be served by T-Mobile's 3G network by the end of the year with more coming in 2009.

There are no comments as to whether, T-Mobile will also increase capacity in other countries - like UK - where it is operating.

If Apple's iPhone is used as a benchmark, one can expect data traffic to increase significantly. Back in February 2008, Google itself acknowledged at the Mobile World Congress that iPhone generated 50 times more searches than any other handsets on the market.

Still, one thing that puzzles us is why only one handset? Why will Google pin all its hope on one single handset with a single mobile network?

Rather than spreading the risks, Google has chosen - deliberately - to use T-Mobile as a guinea pig... for better or for worse.