Toshiba Joins Netbook Revolution Late With NB100 with Sony left alone

Japanese Consumer Electronics giant Toshiba has announced the release of its own Netbook device which called the NB100 and which unsurprisingly pack the same components as all its cloned siblings.

Inside the NB100, you will find an Intel Atom CPU, a 8.9-inch display, 1GB RAM, a 120GB HDD, Windows XP or Ubuntu, a webcam and an array of connectors and connectivity options - USB, Wifi etc.

It is surprising that Toshiba, which ranks amongst the biggest laptop manufacturers, chose to join the Netbook bandwagon as it has the most to lose in decreasing the average selling price of the popular laptop.

It will be selling at GBP 260 apparently, will come in three different colours and will also have a particular sleep and charge mode which allows you to charge devices plugged in your USB ports while the laptop is in sleep mode.

Now the NB is not physically like the legendary Libretto Series which still commands premium prices on Ebay but one can expect that Netbooks will soon have a negative impact on Toshiba's profitability, given that they don't sell any desktops.

Toshiba's launch of a netbook leaves Sony as the only major laptop manufacturer without such a device and it would certainly be a blow to Sony's posh status if they did release one.