Why Managers need to grasp the challenges of proving compliance through better process control

Proving compliance to regulatory requirements just gets a whole lot easier with eProcess based systems.

The flow defined within an eProcess engine determines exactly where a piece of work will go and the audit log, which is usually maintained by your IT solutions provider, proves the path that was taken, when it was taken, what functions were used and by whom.

Each stage of the process can be secured to involve only the correct personnel. This level of consistency, control and tracking keeps a manager in charge and fully informed.

The process map in the eProcess tool determines where work will go and is able to react to the results of work done and external influences.

It can then decide where to go next; as such it can be semi-intelligent and remove the need for people to be involved in every decision.

The definition of these rules is outside the programming environment and is in a flexible process definition environment. So changing the rules and integrating in other technologies and systems is straightforward.

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