Will Asus transform Google's Android platform into the company's first laptop?

Asus has received an invitation to join the Open Hand Alliance (OHA) which is the cluster of mobile phone companies that have openly backed Google's Android platform and which will sooner or later release devices built around it.

The Taiwanese company is well known for its diminutive Asus EEE PC which won rave reviews. It started the netbook revolution single handedly and there's no reason why Asus couldn't do the same trick with Google's open (and hackable) platform.

Asus has the manufacturing clout, the experience as well as the expertise necessary to popularise Android as a platform on the netbook. The HTC Dream, the first Android Smartphone, is nothing more than a pint sized laptop without a keyboard and with a touchscreen display.

The tech giant could design and implement a smartphone with a keyboard and a touchscreen within months and if sold at the right price, could possibly spark a bigger interest than with the EEE PC.

It could use a low power processor with integrated flash memory without USB connectors but with Wi-Fi capabilities and the whole array of Google applications, plus obviously, nothing prevents Asus from building a small desktop PC using the same components.

The bottom line is that Google needs as many manufacturers as possible to jump in the Android bandwagon and Asus, one of the biggest OEM firms on the planet, certainly has the contacts to evangelise clients and potential customers.