Acer To Attack PC Market With Four-brand Strategy

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer wants to oust HP as the top notebook manufacturer by 2011 if it continues to grow at a sustained growth rate of 35 percent; this means that the laptop maker will have to double its size within 3 years.

Acer currently has around a sixth of the laptop market, on par with Dell and is set to become more aggresive after successfully acquiring Packard Bell and Gateway (which also acquired e-Machines).

Speaking in Budapest, Acer's CEO Gianfranco Lanci wants the company to bring in USD 30 billion by 2011, that's more than 50 percent improvement on current figures, and that he reckons will be achievable by selling more netbooks.

Lanci reckons that the Netbook market will more than double between 2008 and 2009, growing from 10 million to 25 million units.

He said that “[Acer] still see strong demand for notebooks in EMEA and Asia, as well as the US, and I have not seen a deterioration in the last two weeks.” adding that the notebook market will grow by at least 25 percent as more computer users migrate from desktops to mobile solutions.

Acer's CEO hinted at more brand differentiation between Gateway, Acer, Emachines and Packard Bell.

Acer will target high end consumers while Packard Bell will aim the hippier and trendier users with the brand yielding to Gateway in the US market. Emachines will still be present as the value offering in the Acer quatuor.