Amazon Launches Online Wholesale Storage/Content Delivery Service

Amazon is planning the launch of a content delivery network that could help websites offer faster, almost bullet-proof download services at affordable prices in what appears to be a simplified Pay-As-You-Go package.

This new service is bound to make a splash in a market where the likes of Limelight networks and Akamai are the dominating parties, especially as Amazon has a global network of edge locations which means that the storage will be physically closer to the downloaders.

By removing expensive initial setup fees and masking the intricacies of configuring the CDN in what is essentially a blackbox, Amazon seeks to leverage its investment in cloud computing and lower the entry barrier in the CDN market.

This particular service will allow customers to make a single API call to register the bucket which will have a domain name attached to the content in Amazon's S3 holding tank, making it ready to be released publicly on demand.

When clients request the item via the assigned domain name, they will be directed to the nearest edge location which almost guarantees lower latency and much higher download speeds.

The giant online retailer already has a growing number of other web services such as S3 (Simple Storage Services), EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and Amazon's Mechanical Turk, all of which have been considerably helpful for budding small online businesses.

AWS counts an estimated 400,000 developers worldwide and has been used by a number of well known startups such as Highrise, Twitter and Smugmug. The service is currently in private beta and should be added officially to Amazon's list of web services by the end of the year.