Gates/Seinfeld Ad Gets The Boot as Microsoft Plans a "Get-a-Window-PC" Campaign

Microsoft has cancelled its much hyped Gates-Seinfeld ad campaign that was initiated to spruce up the image of Windows Vista.

The company mentioned that the adverts were axed in favor of a new advertising strategy which aims to target Apple's “Get a Mac” adverts directly.

Jerry Seinfeld, who has been paid USD10 million for the ad campaign, will be substituted by new celebrities like, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, author Deepak Chopra and singer Pharrell Williams

Furthermore, the company stated that comedian was the part of the only first two ads of USD300 million ad campaign.

The first ad of the new series, tagged “life without walls”, will feature Windows utility across multiple devices, such as, desktops, notebooks, and several handheld devices.

The second ad of the new series will overtly counter Apple's portrayal of PC's as outdated and stuffy, with celebrities like Deepak Chopra and William Pharrell declaring “I am a PC”.

In addition Microsoft also plans to introduce its own employee Sean Miller, who bears resemblance to Apple's PC guy, as part of its new advert series.