Oops - sorry about sending a video of my nads. My mistake...

I'm indebted to BBC Scotland (hoots mon!) for reporting on the "wrong number" case of a 24-year-old dick (literally -Ed) who sent a mobile phone video of his gentialia to the wrong person.

Instead of sending the vid to his lady friend, the file ended up on a seemingly random woman's mobile handset in Devon.

Oddly, however, the Scottish man - apparently having had a few jars - dialled the wrong number after sending his mobile sex vid and hung up when the Devon lady answered.

The recipient - in Devon - was more than taken aback at the video of the 24-year-old Scot performing a sex act on himself.

Hmmm - I wonder what that could possibly mean? -Ed

Anyway the amateur pervoid (or silly sod, depending on your point of view -Ed) has been signed up to the delights of the sex offender's register as a result.

As I said, what a dick (literally)... :)