Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger Get Appointed As E-Commerce Specialist by EU Commissioner

European Union (EU) has invited the famous Rolling Stone Mick Jagger to join a consortium that would help EU citizens in finding easier ways for internet shopping.

Internet shoppers have always doubted about receiving a fair-deal over the net, EU Information Commissioner, Neelie Kroes stated.

In addition she noted that “the consumers often find that the products they are looking for are not available to them”.

The business panel includes several renowned faces from different fields across the world, such as, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, EMI chief Roger Faxon, John Elkann from Fiat, and eBay boss John Donahoe.

The inclusion of Mick Jagger would help the group in rectifying problems related to music downloads and copyright issues on internet.

The 65-year old rock star addressed the “Online Roundtable Conference” at Brussels this Wednesday and laid special emphasis on online sales of music CDs and downloads.