Samsung's NC10 Netbook Comes With 'Health And Safety' Anti Bacterial Powder

You have to love those laptop manufacturers who come up with all sorts of ideas. Clearly designed for the UK public sector, Samsung's NC10 comes with one unique features that should get Health and Safety officers on the edge of their chairs.

Behold the nano silver particle-laden keyboard that acts as an antibacterial barrier (ed: Asus N-Series has just introduced Laptops with Air ionizers) which first came to our attention earlier this week when Samsung launched the Blu-ray R610 laptop.

The NC10 marks Samsung first netbook tentative and while it is more expensive at £329, it comes in a wider range of colours (including a fantastic metallic blue one) and has a bigger 10.2-inch screen (compared to 8.9-inch versions on most other Netbooks).

Throw in Windows XP OS - no Linux option - , a 160GB spinning hard disk drive and the quoted eight hour battery life and you have a rather impressive laptop with a decent keyboard.

The rest of the features are pretty standard.... Webcam, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Atom processor and a 1.33Kg weight.... All designed with the needs of the "kinetic elite" in mind (that's what the Press Release said).