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T-Mobile Launches £2 per hour PAYG Mobile Broadband Package

T-Mobile is targeting Three Broadband with a new Pay as you go Mobile broadband range of services for customers who do not want to be tied in expensive contracts with advertised download and upload speeds of 3.6mbps and 300kbps respectively.

Accessing the unlimited mobile broadband access package requires the initial purchase of a £50 T-Mobile Broadband USB Stick 110/Dongle and then pay by the day - £2 for one days, £10 for a week and £20 for a whole month - which is fairly expensive.

You do get a 3GB fair usage policy, access to WiFi hot spot and a short 30 days cancellation period and no other hidden charges.

However, if you chose to swap the contract for a two year contract, the USB dongle is thrown in free and you get 3GB data transfer allowance for only £15 per month.

How does that compare with the competition? Well, Three Broadband is offering a bigger 5GB broadband plan for existing customers at only £7.50 per month and you can be an existing customer at Three for as little as £10 per month with a 30 day contract.