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Wikipedia, Webproxy and WWW : How Sarah Palin's Hacker Gained Access To Her Yahoo Inbox

Details of how a single hacker found his way into the mailbox of Sarah Palin have begun to emerge with more twist than in a patch cable from a financial datacentre.

By simply resetting her password and based on widely available information on Wikipedia, Google and other public-domain websites, he was able to break in her Yahoo account by providing her ZIP code, her date of birth and after some digging, the place where Palin met her husband.

According to various news outlets, the hacker would be none other than the son of State Rep. Mike Kernell and student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and bearing the moniker Rubico.

The 20-year old college student took a great risk by publishing the details of his exploits on forums, which raised suspicion amongst the staff at Ctunnel, a proxy service in Athens, Ga.

The FBI has apparently seized 80GB worth of raw log data to trace back the IP address of the culprit.

What this incident has demonstrated is the fact that very important persons like Palin should be prevented or discouraged from using web services which could ask for personal details to be disclosed.

It also highlights the ease with which one can get private details of celebrities online as should criminals or online stalkers decide to zero-in on an average Facebook or Myspace user, there's little chance for escape.