Californian Plod publish excuses for driving with a mobile

Whilst driving and using a mobile phone has been illegal in the UK for some time, it's only just being phased in across the US.

The Californian Highway Plod have been stopping motorists and warning them about using mobiles since the law changed at the start of July.

They've been so impressed with the excuses they've heard from punters, they've started publishing them on their Web site.

Here's a note of the best ones:

"I haven't figured out how to use my Bluetooth yet!"

"I was trying to find out if the volume was up on my phone because I couldn't hear anything out of my Bluetooth"

"The fine is just a business expense, I'll write it off."

"I had it on speakerphone." (While still holding it in their hand.)

"I was waiting to get a ticket before I spend money on a Bluetooth."

"My wife said I sounded like I was in a toilet so I switched back to cell."

"I wasn't using my phone. I was just resting my head against it!"

One driver, when spotted by a motorcycle officer, is reported to have flipped his mobile shut and pretended to shave using the handset...