Apple To Recall Millions of Ultra Compact iPhone 3G USB Power Adapters

Apple has announced that it is going to recall millions of iPhone USB power adapters that were supplied with every iPhone 3G phone in a number of countries (but not in the United Kingdom) across both sides of the Pacific.

According to Apple's press release, under certain conditions, the metal prongs that protrude from the power adapter can break off under certain conditions, get stuck in the power socket and give you an electrical shock otherwise.

Apple will exchange every ultracompact power adapter for a redesigned (safer) version free of charge and issued a warning telling users to stop using them immediately until they have been exchanged.

In the meantime, iPhone users can charge the iPhone 3G through their computers by using the power cable that came with it or any (approved/official) third party adapter that came with it.

Worryingly though, iPhone customers will have to wait until the 10th of October to start exchanging their faulty power adapters.

More than four million iPhone 3Gs have been sold over the last two months worldwide.

To some extent, it shows the sturdiness of the 3-pin UK power plug, which is bulkier and probably slightly more expensive to build, but is far more rugged.