Google Android Smartphones To Outsell Apple's iPhone?

There are chances that sales of Google’s Android based mobile handsets is likely to match or exceed that of Apple iPhones; if predictions made by analysts are to ring true.

Already analysts from Strategy Analysts; a leading market research firm have predicted sales of over four hundred thousand Android based handsets.

In addition they have noted that Google and T-Mobile may look to eye around four percent of the smartphone market share.

Though the figure of four hundred thousand may seem a bit ambitious; going by the track record of Google it is realistically possible that it will reach and may even surpass the mark.

There are more than a few things that are likely to go Android’s way and amongst them the very fact that it is an open source platform is likely captivate many minds.

The first Android based phone that will hit the market is the G1 which incidentally has been manufactured by HTC and was previously also referred to as Dream.