More Windows 7 Pics Appear On The Web with Embellished Paint and Wordpad

Dozens of screenshots of Microsoft's forthcoming operating system have been leaked on the interweb ahead of a rumoured beta launch in December this year.

Chinese Blog Thinknext has published pictures of Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 - with videos to come next - which, at least for now, resembles more Windows Vista than anything else.

Should Microsoft refresh Windows 7's user interface, that will almost certainly come at a later stage in its beta life. So what can we find out from the screenshots; Windows Media Center appears to be included in the tested versions.

Windows 7 has finally adopted Microsoft's Office 2007 ribbon interface which should send some users ballistic (ed: there ought to be a "legacy UI" option surely). Both Wordpad and Paint get a well deserved face lift to bring them more in line with the rest of the Windows applications.

Microsoft has been keen to adopt a low profile when it comes to Windows 7 as it ups the ante with Windows Vista current USD 300 million marketing campaign.

Windows 7 is set to debut late 2009 according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and it would not be a total surprise if, depending on market conditions, Windows 7 comes out of the mould even earlier.