Rumour Mill : Apple's 32GB iPhone 3G Coming Up In January 2009

Apple could find itself selling three types of iPhone 3G within months if rumours circulating across the interweb are true; 8GB, 16GB and the brand new 32GB iPhone 3G could adorn the windows of Apple high street stores by the end of January 2009.

According to Apple insider, 8GB iPhone 3G supplies are currently running low and just like before the iPhone 3G was launched, this could announce the forthcoming launch of a new iPhone with the 32GB iPhone 3G being top of the rumour tree.

A 32GB iPhone would probably cost around GBP 500 (unlocked) and Apple could certainly bump up the feature list to make the upgrade even more compelling; better battery life and a 3.2MP camera wouldn't be out of question.

Who would buy such an expensive gadget in times of economic uncertainties? Well anyone who has 16,000 songs would certainly find this gizmo attractive.

But there's one powerful indicator that Apple might after all not launch a 32GB iPhone and that's called iPod Touch; Apple's top of the range iPod doesn't currently come in 64GB and that's almost certainly a prerequisite for the launch of a 32GB iPhone 3G.