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Seatbelts, Seatbacks, and Traytables Folks - Virtualization Changes Everything

If you're not reading Chris Hoff's blog, you probably should be. There are a ton of reasons, but among them is that he's mining the intersection of security and virtualization like no one else I know of.

There are a few mind-blowing posts, including today's which details the latest network element stack architecture ideas emerging from VMworld.

The current collision of virtualization, networking, and security reminds me of the sea change the industry went through as everyone opened themselves to the Internet in the 90s.

The benefits were enormous and undeniable and as a result so was the reality that it was going to happen. But so was risk as the opportunity for loss skyrocketed along with complexity.

Ditto today with virtualization. The agility virtualization offers is so incredibly compelling there's simply no stopping it. But not only will our policies get an order of magnitude more complex (even more "users" doing more intimate things with our data at a greater rate of change), so will our infrastructure.

Between that and the ever-helpful bad guys, though, I guess job security increases too.

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