Sony Ericsson Wants To Wow Developers With New Competition

Beleagured Mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson is trying to get developers to code applications for its smartphones by way of a competition with seven categories, with top prizes including trips to Sweden.

The seven categories presented, target Sony's forthcoming release of the Xperia X1 and include 'Being productive', 'Going green', 'In-car applications', 'Mobile entertainment', 'Lifestyle experiences', 'Themes and graphics', and 'Xperia X1 panels'.

The competition closes on the 30th of November and more details about the competion can be found on Sony Ericsson's website.

Last year's competition saw the consecration of well known companies like mobile browser company Opera, content specialists Realnetworks and Gracenote.

This year's contest will see judges considering various facets to award the prizes including entertainment factor, ease of use, look and feel, innovation and audio performance.

Nokia has already announced a similar competition aimed at getting more developers to develop for its mobile platform S60. Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 is Windows Based.

Google also did a developer contest earlier this year to get the developer community to back its soon-to-be-released Android platform.